About Us

MY ET - new and innovating company entirely dedicated to digital product promotion and sale worldwide is born.

This portal dedicated to digital product promotion and sale.

The ability to upload own custom image galleries, Music, Audio tracks, Video footage, Photos images, Audio book, Art painting e t c.

You can now do that and so much more. You can edit the order of the product , and even add your price for each your product.

You can also update your avatar image, update your biography, upload your product and manage your price.

What is WEB PORTAL - MY ET ?

It is much more than a virtual digital store. MyET web portal of exclusive, Its members are independent artists who may be starting their careers, or already have an important musical legacy. The main purpose is to sell and promote music worldwide.

The way of selling music has significantly changed in the last times; it is almost impossible to keep up to date due to the continuous evolution of this industry.

This Artist store dedicated to digital music, Video product, Photos, Art work promotion and sale, has been fully conceived by musicians and artists; its goal is that all artists can promote and sell its works worldwide.

How is MY ET portal different from many other virtual music stores that currently exist?

The main difference is the benefits that we offer to our artists. To be represented by our Artist members, is affordable of monthly or annual cost. From each album or single sold, the Artists receive a high percentage of revenue of the sale price. This sale price is set up by the Artists.

Artist Keep 90% from the total net value of all product sold

What are the plans for the company growth in the near future?

We are planning to organizing an music festival where members can participate and expose their art. Our members to also include other genders such as filmmakers, directors and video producers, who will be able to promote themselves through our platform. We have a social network Art page where members can connect and share ideas and projects.

What is the benefit for the general public?

Our web portal is created for satisfaction of music-lovers and buyers. They can buy and find diverse and unique music, videos, photos, Art work and of high-quality production at a single website.

In our portal you will find singers , composer, Art work people that maybe are not so popular and commercial. The reason is that we consider our artists as music gems. The objective of MyEt portal comes from a legitimate interest: helping emerging talents to make their music transcend borders.

What else can we mention about the important mission that MyEt portal has established?

Apart from supporting new talents, we also know that many artists of important musical legacy not always have the opportunity to become internationally renowned. We also want to give them the opportunity to spread their music, making their work reachable to the public. We would like to invite here music creators and artist interested to visit our portal and sign up to obtain the benefits that it offers. At the end, the main objective is that music creators and general public obtain mutual benefits from what our company has committed to achieving: to make the best music available to everyone.

What makes MyEt Store so unique?

As we grow we plan to organize events where we will be presenting our featured artists from catalog to participate and perform live as well introductory MyEt store dedicated seminaries with special guests most representative music and show business veterans, Record Label A&R’s, Publicists, Music Supervisors, Booking Agents, Producers, Artists. We have a dream and we believe that for many independent and emerging artists this will bring massive exposure and recognition.

We are very excited to invite you to visit our website by going to Miamibestnews.comand participate and become a part of our creative community and music universe. Please support our dream that is yours as well.

For more information and to join us

Please visit: Miamibestnews.com