Artist Upload Disclaimer and Agreement

I understand and agree that all profit generated from the sale of audio albums and/or singles in my digital store on will be shared between My Entreatment (MyEt) and the Artist or a Licensed Third Party User in accordance with the Artist Online Store Agreement as set:

90% of the net profit from each sold music track will be paid out to the Artist or a Licensed Third Party User.

I understand that MyEt ) offers a digital portal for artists and buyers to connect. Portal (MyEt ) does not provide copyright protection for any artist recordings. As an Artist, I certify that I own copyrights to the music recordings I upload or I am a third party authorized user licensed to upload copyright protected albums and singles for sale on TS Music Catalog website. A third party authorized user (studio or store) must certify that they are licensed to sell uploaded albums and singles on


a. Artist warrants and represents that Artist is NON AFFILIATED WITH A RECORD LABEL OR PUBLISHER UNLESS INDICATED IN ARTIST INFORMATION ON REGISTRATION PAGE. (if you are affiliated with a label or publisher DO NOT REGISTER WITH

b. Artist warrants and represents that all Musical Works uploaded are Pre-Cleared for / SoundT studios LLC /Artist Store to offer in the Artist store SoundT studios LlC/

c. Artist warrants and represents that for each product (Audio, Video, Photos and any Art work. Artist owns, controls, administers and/or represents 100% of all copyrights in the Video Musical or Art work(s) that are subject to this Agreement and that NO SAMPLES, COVERS, COVERS, OUOTES, OR ANY PART OF ANOTHER’S COPYRIGHT ARE USED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM ALL NECESSARY RIGHTS HOLDERS or any used, including uses listed in 1(e) above.

d. Artist warrants and represents that Artist, nor any entity or person Artist represents, is bound by any agreement that prevents Artist from entering into this Agreement.

e. Artist is responsible for notifying SoundT studios LlC/miamibestnews/MyEt/ in writing in the event Artist no longer represents 100% of the rights of Musical,Video,Photos,Art work(s) and/or enters into any conflicting agreement.


a. Artist warrants that it is the primary contact for all Rights Holders and is authorized to collect all monies pursuant to this Agreement, on behalf of all Rights Holders who own, control, administer, and/or represent in whole or in part any portion of each and Musical Video Art Work’(s) Artist uploads to the Artist Store

b. By Appendix A or otherwise, Artist has obtained Rights Holder(s)authorization to collect all monies pursuant to this Agreement.

c. SoundT studios LLC/ /My Et/ Art store,will pay Artist(seller/Vender)90% of all revenues derived from all Artist Store sales of Artist’s Musical Video Art Work(s)on Artist store /My Et/


Artist grants SoundT studios LLC/ My Et/ the non-exclusive rights to offer for sale all Artist’s product.

a. Rights Holder(s) are all parties who own, control, administer, and/or represent in whole or in part any portion of any product.

b. Musical Work(s) and any Product mean the sound recordings and the underlying musical compositions that the Artist owns,controls, represents or administers and are authorized to provide to SoundT studios LLC/ MyEt / The any product, Work(s),are those Artist uploads and SoundT studios/MyEt approves for sale on Artist store in connection with this Agreement.

c. Artist confirms without limitation the ownership and/or 100% control of all copyrights having to do with the recording and underlying composition or any product licensed under this Agreement.

EXCLUSIVITY; Non-exclusive

licensed Rights; Authorize SoundT studios LLC/ ARTIST STORE/MY ET/ to include and offer for sale all any product listed on Artist uploads to Artist Store. If you registered on the site you accept this Agreement.

Best Regards