Consumer Agreement for Buyers of Musical Tracks from MyEt Store

1. As of the moment you start working with MyEt Store you agree to the terms, stated in this document, and accept our safety rules.

2. Any personal information transferred by you to MyEt Store service either electronically, or somehow differently, will be used by us according to MyEt Store rules of confidentiality, the main clauses of which are included into this agreement.

3. At the moment of registration at MyEt Store you should enter login at the certain page, and to follow our protocol of registration further. You agree to provide to us true and full information about yourself according to the rules of registration at the web-site. Besides, you take an obligation to timely and promptly renew personal information by keeping it full and authentic.

4. Upon completion of the registration procedure you get your personal account. Irrespective of the way you will be using the function “remember me” you assume full responsibility for confidentiality of your personal data (address of your electronic mail, password, identification number (ID), you agree to immediately notify us about unauthorized use of your electronic address, password, or the account, or about any other case of security violation. At the end of each session make sure you have left your account. We are not liable either to you, or to the third parties for any losses, or damage incurred in the result of failure to observe this condition.

5. We can change, or amend this agreement at any time, and, if you continue to use the site, or any part of it, then it is your responsibility to get informed on the new terms of the agreement. You immediately accept these changes, if you keep working with our resource, or any part of it. It is your responsibility to check on the presence of changes, or amendments to this agreement on regular basis. In case you do not agree with the new terms of this agreement you must stop using the web-site.

6. We reserve the right to change, or remove for any period all pages of the web-site, or any part of it regardless of whether or not we notify you about it. By accepting this agreement you confirm that we are not liable for any changes, or deletions on the site to you, or to the third parties.

7. MyEt Store resource is the subject of permanent changes. You do not have the right to claim any compensations because you were unable to use some pages and services of the web-site in the result of the changes we made, refusal, delay of the work, or deletion of all, or any part of MyEt Store resource.

8. You should not use web-site for illegal actions. By consenting to theses terms you take an obligation to comply with common, acting international legislature, not to damage web-site, and not to commit actions which may in any way effect the work of MyEt Store resource.

9. You take an obligation not to use unauthorized access to any parts, or components of the web-site. In this case, if you have a legitimate right to take an action against the users of the site who use unauthorized access to the resource, you can use this right independently from administration of the web-site, and without contacting it.

10. In case of violation by you of the terms of this agreement you fully indemnify us from all material obligations, payments, expenses (including legal fees) and other material claims emerged in the result of your work with the web-site, or the work of the third parties, who are using your computer, or your personal password, with it.

11. Administration of the web-site is not liable for the content of the pages to which you get in the result of transfer from our resource while guided by outside referrals, published on MyEt Store , either directly, or indirectly. In this case we fully discharge ourselves from any responsibility for your confidentiality and contents of the materials of these internet-resources which, in their turn, may contain false information, or pursue any advertisement goals. We fully discharge ourselves from responsibility for any damage incurred to you in the result of use of the materials, products and services received at such web-sites. By this agreement we confirm your non-exclusive right to publish hyper references (?) on the pages of MyEt Store, in case if this publication does not lead to violation of acting international legislature, and in case if this does not violate our author’s rights, or author’s rights of our licensees to the materials located at MyEt Store, including logotypes, trade marks, patented graphics, etc.

12. We have the right, but not an obligation, to trace any actions related to the use of materials offered by MyEt Store. At any moment we can start investigation based on the complaint, or information regarding the facts of violation of these terms, and to take actions we deem necessary, up to contacting duly authorized organizations. Our actions may include sending of warning, suspension of work, restrictions, or changes of the terms of your access to MyEt Store resource, as well as removal of any materials from our web-site.

13. You accept by means of this agreement that all author’s and other rights related to the intellectual property which belongs to the materials published on MyEt Store resource irrevocably stay with us, or our licensees. You may use the materials received at our web-site according to the terms of this Agreement.

14. You acknowledge by means of this agreement that all materials acquired at MyEt Store is designated for your personal, non-commercial use. You can reproduce digital recordings purchased at our resource only on your computer, or similar equipment (?). Commercial use of the materials purchased at MyEt Store is strictly forbidden. You take an obligation not to copy, not to reproduce, not to transfer, not to publish, not to transmit, not to distribute, not to use in commercial purposes musical, and other files received at MyEt Store. We inform you by this agreement that the material received at our site has a special tag which contains your identification number. This tag cannot be removed, and because of it we have an opportunity to learn how the files received at MyEt Store, which belong to use, or our licensees, are being further used. If we discover that you, without our consent, by yourself, or at the assistance of the third parties, copied, reproduced, transferred, published, transmitted, distributed, used in commercial purposes the material received at our resource, then we reserve the right to block your account with us, your account and any amounts unpaid to you, and also to inform the organizations authorized to duly protect the author’s rights of our licensees. It also means that we reserve the right to pass all your contact information to authorized organizations.

15. By this agreement you acknowledge that all you see, hear and read on MyEt Store resource is protected by copyright law, except for those materials which are separately indicated in this agreement.

16. In case of violation of this agreement we do not compensate damages, and do not assume responsibility for any losses and the consequences related to them, including losses of payments, profit, which emerge in the process of use of our resource, as well as the loss of data, or information.

17. Users of the MyEt Store resource must be at the age of 18, or those under 18 supervised by parents, or guardians. Web-site may contain the material prohibited for use by the minors. If you are a parent, or guardian, you agree to our rules of confidentiality, and assume full responsibility for actions of your child. To register at the web-site you must be no less than 16, to make purchases – no less than 18.

18. By this agreement you acknowledge that you assume all risks related to the use of MyEt Store service. All digital files, which web-site offers to its clients, are ready for use, though, because we are just distributors of digital material, we do not assume responsibility for its quality, and do not guarantee the latter. MyEt Store distributes digital material, which is intended for the purposes as described in this agreement, legally and without violations.

19. We do not assume responsibility and do not guarantee that any service provided by MyEt Store resource, will be available to you without losses, viruses, hacker attacks, or other tampering.

20. We are not liable for possible damages and losses of data incurred due to the transfer to the pages of our resource by means of hyper text references received from the third parties, or placed on the other internet – resources.

21. Despite of all terms spelled out in this agreement nothing under the acting legislature may restrict, or derogate your consumer rights.

22. Any part of this document will be singled out from the whole body of the agreement, and will not fall under legal actions and effect the validity of this agreement if it will be considered contradicting the acting legislature, or unenforceable for any other reason. Do they mean that ... if any part of the agreement will be removed, or changed, this change does not invalidate the whole agreement?)

22. Any part of this document will be singled out from the whole body of the agreement, and will not fall under legal actions and effect the validity of this agreement if it will be considered contradicting the acting legislature, or unenforceable for any other reason. Do they mean that ... if any part of the agreement will be removed, or changed, this change does not invalidate the whole agreement?)

23. Acting version of this agreement (changeable at our will) is a priority in relation to all earlier versions of this document, and also in relation to the comments provided by administration of the resource either verbally, or in writing, in relation to any matters stated in this document. Users of MyEt Store resource agree with the terms and rules of confidentiality stated in this document, and acknowledge that verbal explanations and information provided by administration of the resource does not change the meaning of the terms spelled out here. Thus you confirm that accept the agreement for users of MyEt Store resource without misrepresentation of the terms stated here, and will not commit actions in the result of which the authorized organizations may be misleaded, or may receive wrong information.

24. All terms contained in this agreement are regulated by the acting international legislature. Any arguments are to be resolved in the court proceeding. Besides, we have the right, at our own discretion, to initiate proceeding in alternative jurisdictions.

If musical track is defective it is necessary for you to contact the support service at the electronic address which is located in the part Support.

MyEt Store resource does not regulate the requirements which it applies to distribution of digital material received from record- labels and distributors. Web- site does not provide its users with the warranty of quality of the digital product at the level of recording, mastering, rate of frequencies, and so on.

30. For digital material purchased at MyEt Store resource we do not do cancellations and do not reimburse their cost as soon as downloading of file, or files, purchased at the web-site, started.

Digital material purchased at MyEt Store

36. This agreement contains information about the terms of use by you of the digital material purchased at MyEt Store

37. As of the moment of downloading of digital material from MyEt Store you have no right to terminate the agreement for the above purchases, and all sales of digital files are binding and completed.

38. Description of credit and debit cards (bank payment cards) accepted for payment at MyEt Store.


Most credit and debit cards have restrictions on the amount of purchases which may impede confirmation of payment for your order.

*If the purchase is declined by the processing company make sure you provided correct data, and repeat the transaction.

39. Cost of material offered by MyEt Store is demonstrated at all pages of the service provided for it. Administration of the service reserves the right to adjust the cost of digital material, if necessary. If this is the case the difference between the cost of goods, which was paid by the user of the web-site before its mark-down, and current cost of the goods, is not reimbursed.

41. By accepting this agreement you assume responsibility for the use of the material purchased at the site only in personal and non-commercial purposes. Distribution, transfer, appropriation, or sublicensing (transfer of license) of digital files purchased at MyEt Store, and use of them for advertisement purposes, are prohibited. Pay attention that at the purchase of digital files you will not get any author’s rights, as well as the rights to use digital files in commercial or advertisement purposes.

Licensing Agreement for Sellers of Music at MyEt Store

1. Parties and Purposes of the Agreement

1.1 This Licensing Agreement is made between the users of web-site hereinafter referred to as Principal, and STS MyEt Store.

1.2 The purpose of this agreement is establishing of mutual obligations within the margins of this Licensing Agreement. Terms and Definitions The Parties came to the agreement that the following terms entered into this Licensing Agreement, have the below interpretation and definitions: File – composition (production) and/or phonogram and track, Video, photos, Art work, and the other subject of allied rights aimed at the sale by the User while using the service. The full list of files transferred by Principal to the Agent, is included with Attachment to this Agreement. Data – information about Files related to the description (identification, features) of the files which is placed by the Principal in data base. Data Base – an objective form of representation and organization of the array of files and data of files, systemized in a way for this data to be found by the Users with the help of the Service. Service – array of computer programs “Technology of Sales of Compositions, Phonograms and the other Objects of Allied Rights in Electronic form on the Internet”, which belong to the Agent, and technical, organizational, and the other decisions which allow the Users to search for information in Data Base, and to receive files upon making a payment. Users – persons who are visitors of informational resources on the Internet Login – recorded entry of the Principal which is used for identification of the Principal while accessing extended functions of the service, including access to Statistics, and to add files and data to Data Base. Password – secret combination of symbols (numbers, signs, words) corresponding to Login, and protecting the Service from unsanctioned access. Statistics – report of the agent with actual data regarding the use of files of the principal, the access to which the principal may get in regime of real time on the Internet.

2. Subject of the Agreement

Under this Licensing Agreement the Agent takes an obligation to commit in his name, but on behalf of the Principal,

2.1 Factual and legal actions with the purpose of providing the users with the opportunity to receive files with the assistance of the Service upon their payment.

2.1 Factual and legal actions with the purpose of providing the users with the opportunity to receive files with the assistance of the Service upon their payment.

2.2 To receive monetary funds from the Users and the third parties for receipt of the files of principal on refundable basis.

2.3 Principal takes an obligations to pay compensation to the Agent for provided services in the amount and on the terms spelled out in this Licensing Agreement.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Parties The Agent takes an obligation:

3.1 On behalf of Principal to conduct study of the market, and to conduct search of Users interested in purchasing of files by way of using the Service

3.2 To ensure stability of organizational and technical work of the Service.

3.3 To keep Login and Password of the Principal in Data Base

3.4 To ensure Principal’s access to his statistical data on the Internet in regime of real time.

3.5 To assign a responsible employee (authorized person) for operative resolutions of technical and organizational issues related to the use of this Licensing Agreement.

3.6 To execute orders given to him according to the written directives of Principal sent electronically. The directives of Principal should be legal, enforceable and concise.

3.7 Within the term of this Licensing Agreement to do financial reconciliations for this agreement, and also upon expiration of the term of this agreement, to remove files and data of the Principal from Data Base without delay.

3.8 To perform duties spelled out in this Licensing Agreement within the terms as determined by Licensing Agreement, and to ensure the duly quality based on the principles of qualification, conscientiousness, good judgment, based, while performing the work, on the requirements of international legislature.

3.9 To get information from Principal necessary for him to perform his duties and documentation (by means of mail, fax, electronically, and differently),

3.10 To refrain from the directives of Principal if it is necessary according to the circumstances of the case in the interests of Principal, and the Agent could not ask Principal in advance, or did not get the response to his question within 3 (three) days. At that time the Agent must notify Principal about incurred refrains as soon as notification becomes possible.

3.11 To enter into sub-agent agreements with the third parties in relation with the performance of the obligations under this Licensing Agreement.

3.12 If necessary to do advertisement of Files and Data, placed by Principal in Data Base, in media, to participate in the shows and other events.

3.13 To assign a responsible employee (authorized person) for operative resolution of technical and organizational issues, related with the execution of this Licensing Agreement.

3.14 To place full and valid Data and Files in Data Base

3.16 At any time, by entering his Password and Login, to get an access to his statistical data

3.17 In case of non-performance by the Agent of conditions and terms as spelled out in this Licensing Agreement, to unilaterally terminate this Licensing Agreement.

4. Order of Payments. Acts

4.1 For accomplishment of paragraph 2.2 of this Agreement the Agent transfers money collected for the reported period to Principal minus compensation of the Agent. Duration of the reported period is one month (calendar month).

4.2 The party establishes any cost of the file for end User. The size of the Agent’s compensation equals 10% of the cost which the User paid for the sold File. In case the cost of the file is 0 (zero) , compensation is not deducted, i.e. the file is transferred to the User free of charge.

4.3 Agent transfers money designated for the transfer to Principal to the account of Principal no later than in 10(ten) business days as of the request to pay money in the service chapter Pay Out.

4.5 Minimal amount designated for the transfer to Principal is $100.00

4.6 All payments between the Parties are made in US dollars. Obligations to transfer money are deemed to be executed by Agent as of the day (time) of crediting the money to the account of Principal. The date of payment is the date of transfer of money to the account of Principal, because bank transfer may take extra time.

5. Responsibility and Warranty of the Parties

5.1 For non-performance or improper performance of obligations under this Licensing Agreement the Parties are liable according to international legislature and this Licensing Agreement. Agent is not liable under any circumstances.

5.2 For validity of data which Principal allocates for sale in Data Base..

5.3 For possible violation of author’s and/or allied rights of the third parties due to allocation by Principal of Data and Files in Data Base.

5.4 Principal guarantees that he does not have any obligations to the third parties which impede entering into this Licensing Agreement, and also that the use of Files in accordance with the terms of this Licensing Agreement does not violate, and does not incur violations of any author’s rights of the third parties.

5.4 Principal guarantees that he does not have any obligations to the third parties which impede entering into this Licensing Agreement, and also that the use of Files in accordance with the terms of this Licensing Agreement does not violate, and does not incur violations of any author’s rights of the third parties.

5.5 Principal guarantees that all possible claims of the third parties to the Agent, including pecuniary, in regards to Files, belonging to Principal and transferred by him to the Agent under this Licensing Agreement, will be regulated by Principal by his means and at his expense (and the Agent will be relieved of losses and damages). Agent cannot be liable, except as indicated in par.4.1 of this Licensing Agreement, for payments in favor of any third party.

5.6 In case the claim is received by any party, instructions and/or claims from the third parties, involved in the performance of the terms of this Licensing Agreement, including use of Data and/or Files, the Party, which received such claim (instruction, claim), is obligated to immediately inform the other party about it.

6. Force-Majeure

6. 1 The parties are relieved of responsibility for partial, or full non-performance of obligations under this Licensing Agreement, if such non-performance was direct consequence of acts of God (force-majeure circumstances), which emerged after Licensing Agreement was made, in the result of the events of extreme nature, precisely: war or regional conflicts, flood, fire, earthquake, epidemics, strikes, breaks in supply of energy, accidents, or disruptions of means of communication, other disasters, or instability, affecting Licensing Agreement, and the Parties could not foresee, or prevent these circumstances by reasonable measures.

6.2 If any of the circumstances indicated in par.

6.3 of this Licensing Agreement immediately effected performance of obligations within the term established in this Licensing Agreement, then this term is adjusted accordingly for the period of corresponding circumstances.

6.4 The party for which it became impossible to perform its obligations under this Licensing Agreement, must immediately, and in any case, no later than in 10 days (ten days) since the moment of emergence of the circumstances of unpredictable force, inform the other Party in writing on the emergence of such circumstances, and also about the expected term of existence, and cessation of the above circumstances. Failure to inform, or untimely notification by one of the Parties deprives the other party of the right to refer to any above circumstances as to the ground, relieving from liability for non-performance of the obligations.

6.5 In case the term of the circumstances of unpredictable force will make more than 3 (three) months, then either Party may withdraw from performance of all Licensing Agreement, or its non-performable part. In this case the Parties will make necessary reconciliations which suggest payment of obligations already performed under this Licensing Agreement.

7. Arguments:

7.1 The Parties will try their best to resolve all arguments which may emerge between the Parties in course of performance under this Licensing Agreement, by means of negotiations.

7.2 If, within thirty calendar days from the moment the argument between the parties emerged, consensus has not been reached, this claim of either Party is subject to legal processing.

8. Term and Territory of the Agreement

8.1 This Licensing Agreement comes in force as of the moment it has been signed, and it is valid until terminated by either party.

9. Final Clauses and Formalities

9.1 Any changes and attachments to this Licensing Agreement are enforceable only if they are made in writing, and signed by both Parties.

9.2 Duly executed Attachments and Amendments to this Agreement are integral part of this Licensing Agreement.

9.3 Any headings in the Licensing Agreement are entered only for convenience, and are not instruction to act, and do not declare any terms of this Licensing Agreement.

9.4 All notifications, including the ones of changes in factual, and/or legal address, must be sent within three days, to the electronic address of the Agent.

9.5 If one, or a couple terms (conditions) of this Licensing Agreement are, or become invalid, then it cannot become the cause for termination of actions of other clauses (terms).

By accepting this agreement on the site MyEt Store by means of marking the box “I agree”, you fully agree that you reviewed all paragraphs of this agreement, and assume full, sound responsibility for the above mentioned rules of this agreement, and thus confirm your electronic signature such as the mark in the box, and by pushing the registration button.