Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Signs Bill Allowing Most Residents To Carry A Concealed Weapon Without A Permit

On Tuesday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed into law a bill that will allow most residents to carry a concealed weapon without having a permit. The bill, which supporters are calling “constitutional carry,” passed legislative back on April 1st.

According to CNN, those who were previously eligible for a concealed carry license can now carry a concealed weapon without a permit. However, the law does not apply to those who are prohibited from owning a gun, which includes convicted felons and minors. Weapons inside the airport and secured government buildings are still not allowed.

Governor Kemp said he believes the law will allow residents “to protect themselves without having to have permission from your state government.” The bill officially went into effect upon his signature.

The Atlanta Journal Consitution reports that he signed the bill outside of Gable Sporting Goods in Douglasville, which is where he purchased his daughter’s first handgun.

He said to reporters, “People don’t have to carry if they don’t want to. But this is a constitutional authority that people have, and they certainly shouldn’t have a piece of paper from the government to be able to legally carry a weapon.”

It was made clear that the necessary background checks will have to be performed when purchasing a gun from a store or a dealer.

The state’s permitting process will still stand as it will allow Georgia residents to take part in gun carry “reciprocity” with other states, which is being described as “an agreement that allows gun owners to carry concealed handguns in states that offer the same permissions.”



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