Sage The Gemini Provides Lengthy Response To Those Who Question His New Relationship With Supa Cent

Roommates, now that their relationship is confirmed to the world, Sage The Gemini and Supa Cent are documenting their new love on social media—but not without criticism. After deciding to respond to the critics, Sage posted a very lengthy response defending his relationship with Supa and basically letting everyone know that their opinions don’t matter when it comes to his happiness.

One of the most buzzed about celebrity stories in the last few days surrounds rapper Sage The Gemini and entrepreneur Supa Cent, who officially confirmed that they were in a relationship following online rumors.

After Sage exclusively told us “Me and Nell are together, and I intend to keep it that way,” social media instantly lit up with people offering their varying opinions—and some of those opinions included those who were definitely not here for the new union.

Posting to his Instagram stories, Sage wrote a lengthy response that partially included the following:

“Some people get caught up and in social media and celebrity worlds because it’s interesting to them BUT you have to realize YOU DON’T KNOW THEM lol ya’ll be KILLIN ME lol so crazy. Send Positive energy out you’ll be fine I promise. This happy s**t good for you I ain’t goin back.”

As we exclusively reported earlier this week, Sage The Gemini confirmed to The Shade Room that he and Supa Cent are indeed in a relationship, stating the two have known one another for 11 years. He went on to say that he is proud of his relationship and has no hesitation in professing his love, “I claim my girl,” he said.


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