The Woman Who Got A Follow & A DM From Drake Due To Her Husband’s Trolling Claps Back On Instagram—” I Did Not Ask For Any Of This”

24 hours later and the Internet is still in shambles and attempting to recover, after Drake pulled the ultimate petty move on an online troll by following his wife on Instagram and sending her a direct message. Fast forward to the present, and now the woman is officially speaking out following the attention from Drake, with a vicious clapback for her haters.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the woman (who is named Toni Bowden) posted a lengthy message to address all those who have been sending negativity her way after Drake unexpectedly made her famous.

She wrote the following:

“To clear a few things up … I did not ask for any of this… I did not make my husband troll anybody. I did not make Drake start following me. I did not make y’all start commenting or following. I am not looking to be or hoping to be any celebrity…I am very aware that this will blow over very fast and I’m very okay with that. I am very happy with my husband please don’t get that confused. We have truly enjoyed this s**t, it’s been hilarious.”

 However, she wasn’t done addressing the haters she acquired since Drake blew her up to the world and added, “…Chill out with the angry, hateful messages, I am unaffected, not responding and you are wasting your time and energy sending them to me…Yall’s narrative ain’t it.”

As we previously reported, Toni’s husband commented underneath a photo of Drake and his son Adonis, writing “Ya son prolly play with ghostwriters,” to which Drake responded with “I just followed your girl cause she’s prob miserable and needs some excitement in her life.”

He did exactly that, by quickly following the woman on Instagram and DMing her a message that said, “I’m here for u ma.”


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